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Inside our store you can find different products belonging to different categories and selected specifically to guarantee the maximum of what the market offers. It is possible to find a wide choice of models of bicycles such as e-bikes (electric bicycles), mountain bikes, city bikes, enduro, racing as well as a series of accessories designed to make the most of your experience and your comfort in use of your bicycle for the purposes and needs of every type of cyclist, including children.
The starting point is your needs, with respect to the passion for two wheels and depending on the different needs we are sure that you will succeed and find what is right for you and if it were not so we will be happy to guide you in choosing and looking for the product that best fits your needs.
Relying on our long-standing experience and our professional skills, you will be able to make the best choice to enter the world of bicycles for the first time or to complete and enrich your already accrued interest in this activity.

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Cicli da Elio - e-bike


The term e-bike is the common name used to identify the latest generation bicycles equipped with an electric motor that assists pedaling, which is why they are also called pedal assisted bicycles (EPAC - Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle or Pedelec). The fundamental characteristic of these bicycles is the fact that the bicycle engine is activated only when pedaling, providing a "help" to the cyclist and consequently making its use much less tiring compared to a normal bike, especially useful in uphill sections and slope. Our store is certified by Bosch for eBike sale and assistance services

Cicli da Elio - Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

The mountain bike pe (MTB, acronym of Mountain / Trials Bike) is a bicycle structured so that it can move even outside paved roads, both uphill and downhill. It differs from other types of bicycles for the type of suspension (almost always depreciated), but not only: the mountain bike in fact mounts tires that are much wider and tessellated compared to a racing bicycle and allows it to easily adapt to more situations depending on of necessities. With small variations in terms of wheels, suspensions and chassis it can be used for both intensive and extreme sports and for the simplest ones to move in and out of the city.

Cicli da Elio - Enduro


The Enduro is a discipline of MTB (mountain bike) that has taken hold in recent years, conquering the hearts of off-road cyclists for its philosophy that seems to embody the purest concept of Mountain Bike, based on special tests between descents and ascents. The routes are predominantly on the dirt road and can therefore present exposed stretches, rocks, fords and steep climbs and descents beyond competitions, a MTB created for these routes is used to enjoy the mountain in all its facets, from the most strenuous climbs to the most exciting descents, without getting off the bike.

Cicli da Elio - racing bike

racing bike

This type of bicycle is designed for road cycling, according to the rules established by the International Cycling Union (UCI) and it is from the birth of this medium that used to carry out competitions online or in stages over more or less long distances. Like the other product categories, racing bikes have evolved over time and in their components, becoming now true jewels of technology with the ability to be appreciated indifferently by both racers and amateurs thanks to its lightness characteristics, smoothness and speed.

Cicli da Elio - City bike

City bike

City bikes (or city bikes) are probably the most widespread in the world and are designed for urban use, designed with a comfortable riding position, often have modest components and are not even equipped with a gearbox, which is why they tend to be among the cheapest models on the market. With the increase in urban cyclists, many companies have invested time and resources in order to create interesting city bike models with the intention of combining good basic components with an attractive design.

Cicli da Elio - Accesories


For a lover of cycling, for long-time enthusiasts or for those who want to start cultivating a passion, the details are those that make the real difference in living the experiences. For these reasons in our store you can find a great selection of technical clothing, helmets and bicycle accessories of the best brands. It is therefore possible to respond to both technical and sporting needs that are more disengaged by completing your bicycle with bags, baskets, seats, saddles and wheels, improving your performance and allowing you to get the most out of your rides, independently by its nature

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